Just upload it! A business can display up to 4 photo images. Ideal images are square with an image resolution of 1300x1300 pixels. All images are reviewed by the Cold Winds team prior to being displayed on the Cold Winds website. For those partial technical, a cropped screenshot is a fast way to bring images down in size so they display nicely. If you want image help, we can refer you to marketing photography experts that can do incredible work.

Every business in the outdoor adventures category that has resources that are scheduled, needs a calendar of some sort. Cold Winds Outdoors is for those who can increase their utilization of the scheduled resources, by showing what is available on a calendar. The purpose of Cold Winds is to help those businesses make more money while saving time for Customers and staff. Cold Winds Outdoors recognizes many of the outdoors businesses are seasonal - and a per Resource closed season can be set. Cold Winds Outdoors allows for Resources to be created, with the option to "Display" or "not Display" to the public. This is useful for internal use by the business. Cold Winds Outdoors allows for the business to schedule maintenance or mark them as unavailable at any time for any reason. Cold Winds Outdoors subscription fees are based on the amount of resources, but not based on Bookings, so there is no extra charge or penalty for creating Reservations.

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